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Burris Eliminator III 3-12x44mm X96 Riflescope

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Sleek, ergonomic design
Features the sophisticated X96 Reticle
Built-in rangefinder allows you to range your target without carrying additional equipment
Laser range capability out to 1,100-plus metres with reflective targets and 685-plus metres on non-reflective targets.
Customized trajectory compensation calculates the perfect holdover at your exact distance; program your cartridge’s ballistics information, push a button, and a bright-red, illuminated dot signifies your new aiming point within seconds
Trajectory compensation works on any power
Programming cartridge information is easy as setting an alarm clock
Programming requires drop number at 685 metres or 750 yds. and ballistic coefficient for extreme accuracy at extreme ranges
Programming works with centerfire rifles only
Range your target in yards or meters—your choice
Reticle displays a 10 m.p.h. wind value to indicate wind hold-off for your specific cartridge at the indicated range to target
Wind Value represents how many dots to hold into the wind for a 10 m.p.h. crosswind; the shooter estimates actual wind speed and uses the Wind Value as a guide to determine the number of dots to hold into the wind
Integrated inclinometer adjusts for any angle on uphill or downhill shots, for greater accuracy
Strong, low mounting with its own bases—no rings needed
Mounts easily on any Weaver or Picatinny base
High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
Quality, precision-ground lenses are larger than comparable scopes, for better light transmission
Index-matched, Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate
A double, internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
Positive, steel-on-steel adjustments ensure repeatable accuracy
Uses 1 CR123A battery that lasts through 5,000 range cycles
Parallax adjustment from 45 metres(50 yds.) to infinity
Guaranteed by the Burris Forever Warranty

The X96 Reticle displays your range to target in a split second. Just place the crosshair on the target and press either button on the objective bell.

Displays distance to target
Displays a lighted dot on your vertical crosshair indicating the correct aiming point at the exact distance
Functions at any magnification
Windage is not fully automated, but the reticle has tools so you can make an accurate hold-off estimate:

Digitally displays a 10 m.p.h. wind value for your specific cartridge at the indicated range to target
The wind value displays how many dots to hold into the wind for a 10 m.p.h. crosswind
You estimate actual wind speed and use the 10 m.p.h. wind value as a guideline for selecting how many dots to hold into the wind.

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